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InsightEXIT Exit Survey Management “The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh.
My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay. ”
– Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Inc.
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How InsightEXIT Works

All InsightEXIT systems consist of two main parts and are designed to support two distinct user groups:
  1. Client HR personnel are supported through the InsightEXIT management control site
  2. Departing employees who are invited to complete and online survey visit a Web site specifically set up for that purpose.

The Management Control Web Site

A key component of this system is the corporate Management Control function that is customized to the specific needs of each client.

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At this password-protected site, HR managers and personnel are able to:
  • Invite departing employees to complete an exit interview, either by issuing a hardcopy letter or by sending a personalized email.
  • Monitor the progress of each invitation, including both participation and completion rates.
  • Review individual survey results on a real-time basis.
  • Produce aggregate summaries of all completed surveys, with the ability to define specific data filters as needed.
InsightEXIT Demo Screen for InsightEXIT exit surveys

In addition to letting HR both monitor and manage the exit survey process, the Management Console also gives access to the results of each completed survey:
  1. On an individual basis, with a form that can be viewed online or saved as a Word document.

  2. InsightEXIT Demo Screen for InsightEXIT exit surveys

  3. Or an aggregate basis with charts displaying the results in a visual and compelling manner.

  4. InsightEXIT Demo Screen for InsightEXIT exit surveys

The Employee Exit Survey Web Site

For employees conducting their surveys online, the initial Web page will contain a welcome page explaining the purpose of the survey and simple directions on how to proceed. The access code prevents duplicate entries and also allows the participant to suspend and re-enter the survey at the suspension point if necessary.

InsightEXIT Demo Screen for InsightEXIT exit surveys

Departing employees with online access are usually invited to complete an exit survey through a website designed exclusively for that purpose. For employees without Internet access, the InsightEXIT system can accomodate both paper surveys and telephone surveys. The flexibility in data collection methods is a hallmark of InsightEXIT.

As part of the invitation process, each exiting employee receives a unique access code and the appropriate web link to allow them to complete the questionnaire. The access code is a “one-use” code that is discarded once the survey is complete. For larger organizations, it is also possible to automate the invitation process. Contact us to learn more by emailing us at information@insightlink.com

InsightEXIT Demo Screen for InsightEXIT exit surveys

All Insightlink exit surveys include the "4Cs" of employee satisfaction - Commitment, Corporate Culture, Communications and Compensation. The 4Cs approach came out of a thorough review of existing academic and business literature on employee motivation and morale. Each exit survey questionnaire is then customized to meet specific client situations and corporate environment.

Insightlink Communications Employee Surveys
InsightEXIT is a service provided by Insightlink Communications, a recognized leader in employee research. Our comprehensive 4Cs Employee Opinion Survey has benefited hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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