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InsightEXIT Exit Survey Management “I insist that we continually ask our staff for any
suggestions they might have, and I try my hand at their jobs.”
– Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group
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Why Choose InsightEXIT for your Exit Surveys?

There are numerous reasons why all kinds of organizations have selected InsightEXIT as the system for hosting and conducting their employee surveys.

The key reasons why clients choose Insightlink Communications for their exit interviews include:

  • 24/7 Access and Reporting Snapshots: Through InsightEXIT, you'll see not only a snapshop of preventable turnover but also have real-time access to all employee exit surveys, both individually and on an aggregate basis.

  • Flexibility: In order to meet the various needs of our clients, we are able to adapt both the data collection methodology and survey content when designing and building an InsightEXIT system. We work closely with our clients to create the system that best fits their exit system objectives.

  • Action and Impact: By effective use of open-ended verbatim questions, you'll literally "hear" timely feedback from departing employees on their reasons for leaving so you can assess how turnover is affecting your organization overall. Your personal InsightEXIT HR console will show "red flags" indicating high levels of dissatisfaction that warrant further exploration and alert you to take follow-up action if needed. You get a firm handle on your results and learn how to plan for solutions with the exit survey tools we put in your hands.

  • Peace-of Mind: Time and time again, Insightlink is praised for its commitment to proactive service and unsurpassed responsiveness.
    References are available from users of the InsightEXIT system
    across a wide variety of companies.

  • Value: Look around and you will discover that Insightlink is one of the only survey companies that is so confident in the services we provide that you pay based on exit surveys completed which means that the cost of using the system will drop as your turnover decreases!

  • Expertise: We operate employee exit systems for more than 100 different organizations varying from companies with less than 100 employees to Fortune 100 multinationals.

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